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2. Enable Business change[]


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I-03 People and relationships are more important than process and tools (12)

I-06 Simple processes and #CSI are better than huge process development effort. incremental improvements add value over time. (8)

I-08 Improvement as an attitude rather than as a process (7)

I-09 if your metrics don't support customer experience, they are the wrong ones (7)

I-13 Adopt and adapt. A framework which fits everyone, fits no-one. (6)

I-29 ITSM is transformational, both for the business and IT. Both need to work together as partners, thus #trust is a CSF (2)

I-100 Agile Change Delivery over Traditional Change Management (delaying improvements) (0)

I-85 Our ITIL process should able to cater next 5 years future technologies & their management. (0)

I-98 Service Delivery over Service Support (0)

I-18 I think we should clear up that ITIL is neither a standard, nor a methodology. There are even doctoral thesis using such terms. (5)

I-20 IT exists primarily (solely?) to add stakeholder value. IT processes, capabilites and functions are a means to that end (4)

I-10 ITIL isn't just for IT. Responsiveness and customer satisfaction matter to all service groups. Think business service catalog, not just IT service catalog. (7)

I-36 Sharing & Knowledge OVER Ownership & Content (2)

I-05 Where good/best practice already exists outside of ITIL it should be explicity referenced/interfaced rather than trying to reinvent the wheel just for ITSM (11)

I-62 As an #ITSM consultant, it's ME who adopts ITIL to get my customer's IT Services managed. (0)

I-17 You don't need to create another process every time something goes a little bit wrong (5)

I-15 Programmes to improve ITSm should be influenced by thinking in other areas, such as Lean, theory of Constraints and Agile (6)

I-106 BRM can mean playing golf with the board - but only if business insights acquired are written down and shared (0)

I-105 The plan is essential, but must be adaptable to circumstance (0)

I-99 Customer Experience over Only Reaching SLA (0)