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3. Manage risk in line with Business needs[]


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Headings from Trello[]

I-01 Prioritise outcomes that affect customers over internal IT metrics (18)

I-02 Processes are ways of dealing with repeated tasks in a structured way, freeing up time for more complex activities. They aren't an end in themselves (14)

I-09 if your metrics don't support customer experience, they are the wrong ones (7)

I-11 ITIL provides organisations with ideas to help them deliver better IT services. It's not a bible, a silver bullet or a cure all. (7)

I-12 Creating value for customers is more important than meeting SLA targets (6)

I-18 I think we should clear up that ITIL is neither a standard, nor a methodology. There are even doctoral thesis using such terms. (5)

I-17 You don't need to create another process every time something goes a little bit wrong (5)

I-30 Be aware of the organizational culture of your customer. You won't succeed everywhere by stating that you're adopting ITIL (2)

I-93 Sharing and knowledge over ownership and content (0)

I-56 Deep down, ITSM is about Governance - Service Governance (1)

I-103 Service management guidance is for the enlightenment of managers - assisting them in their constant, challenging balancing act (0)

I-45 (Information) Security is not a separate book or chapter, but should be integrated in every process, right from the start. (1)

I-33 Optimising the value and risk equation (2)

I-72 It is better to use a smaller part of the full lifecycle than doing one stage completely and ignoring the rest. (0)

I-38 Always remember that at any point, any ITSM provider can be replaced... (1)

I-101 Cross-technology Service Teams over Technology-based Teams (0)

I-75 None of the processes nor RACI models will work effectively without building appropriate “ownership culture/attitude” among respective teams/people. (0)

I-77 Trust OVER Control (0)

I-106 BRM can mean playing golf with the board - but only if business insights acquired are written down and shared (0)

I-104 Rather manage services with no tools than expect tools to manage them all for you. (0)

I-105 The plan is essential, but must be adaptable to circumstance (0)