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I-02 Processes are ways of dealing with repeated tasks in a structured way, freeing up time for more complex activities. They aren't an end in themselves (14)

I-10 ITIL isn't just for IT. Responsiveness and customer satisfaction matter to all service groups. Think business service catalog, not just IT service catalog. (7)

I-42 Be aware of the organizational culture of your customer. You won't succeed anywhere by stating that you're adopting ITIL (1)

I-104 Rather manage services with no tools than expect tools to manage them all for you. (0)

I-22 ITSM and specifically ITIL has always been more about common sense that earth shattering revelation. Long time technologists have always looked at ITIL as something they always knew they should do, but just never wrote it down a deposit put it in a book or 12. (4)

I-41 When interacting with IT (requests, incidents etc) the customer should only be asked to provide the required data, not fill out endless fields…. (1)

I-47 ITIL has a lifecycle view of Service Management which encompasses Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, and Continual Service Improvement (1)

I-90 There is no such thing as a ITIL compliance nor maturity on any level (process vs Process, service vs Service...) by the nature of ITIL as adoptable and adaptable framework. (0)

I-88 Integration of processes and holistic approach, such as: \

I-53 Just because you have a class leading tool (ITIL Certified!!), doesn't mean you'll deliver class leading IT. Service Management tools will need to be configured to your specific organisation's needs, right down to the workflow level. Defining this workflow level comes from your processes, and these are defined to meet the needs of the business, not for the convenience of IT, nor the needs of an IT auditor (sorry this turned into a bit of a rant!) (1)

I-60 #ITIL Processes should be used as building blocks, components in a supply chain of #IT Services (0)

I-14 the ITIL community and movement are as important as the content (6)

I-57 Processes and tooling should add value immediately. The perfect solution may not be the most valuable. Adopt the concept of ‘good enough’ (0)

I-76 Individuals & Community OVER Institutions and Businesses (0)

I-35 The answer to any question about service management, SLAs, process etc. is never \ I-66 Attitudes & collaboration over Certification (0)

I-43 A good process, like a good UI shouldn't need explaining. (1)

I-52 Clairfy the use of terms such as 'ITIL Certified' used by both technology providers and consultants alike - causing misery and misunderstanding (and undue trust) in organisations, consultancies and agencies. (1)

I-48 Training should be driven by the requirements of employers for certain skills, not academic knowledge of the content of a book (1)