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5. show value for money[]


Is there a good, inclusive, definition of 'value'?

If not, would it help to have one? Fustbariclation (talk) 23:44, April 2, 2015 (UTC)

Manifesto text[]

Headings from Trello[]

I-02 Processes are ways of dealing with repeated tasks in a structured way, freeing up time for more complex activities. They aren't an end in themselves (14)

I-25 ITIL is just a library, with sensible, balanced, and proven guidance for improving the delivery of IT services. Organizations can adopt as little or as much as they need for their specific needs. (3)

I-70 If the technology you are implementing doesn't contribute to a service that is in support of the organizational outcomes, stop. (0)

I-32 ITIL is not an international standard that would tell your customers that your IT Services are being managed. (2)

I-69 Stakeholder value delivered by measuring the outcome from carefully managed services. (0)

I-34 ITIL is built on a set of principles and values (tbd) which inform the core content, which is built on by practitioners (2)

I-28 All ITSM community generated IP should only be adopted by AXELOS under the terms of a creative commons licence (3)

I-39 The CMDB was a lie! (1)

I-89 ITIL should apply and be adaptable to all service providers, catering for in-house and outsourced service models easily (0)

I-61 no profiteering on monopoly, recognise and reward volunteer effort, financial and governance transparency build community, no taxation without representation (0)

I-67 Adoptivity over Procedures (0)

I-73 *** ITIL or ITSM manifesto? ***** click + for ITIL, click - for ITSM (0)

I-64 ITIL is not about platitudes. It is about making things better for all stakeholders based on a variety of trade-offs, and balancing short-term reactiveness with long-term stability. (0)

I-65 ITIL is the most successful scam since the sale of the Eiffel tower. ;) (0)

I-50 Lets follow same pattern of statements as in

I-84 Features of ITSM (0)