ITIL Manifesto Wiki

1. Who owns the ITIL Manifesto?[]

Answer: ITIL is a registered trademark of AXELOS Ltd.. The ITIL Manifesto and the underpinning data are being considered for release under variants of the Creative Commons license scheme allowing both sharing and commercial use.

2. Will AXELOS use the manifesto?[]

Answer: To date AXELOS have encouraged discussion by means of several retweets about the initiative from the AXELOS official twitter account, an article posted on the Axelos website and are supportive of it in discussions on the Back2ITSM facebook group.

AXELOS have not made an official statement on usage or formal adoption of the manifesto. Once a publication-ready version of the manifesto is available, it will be sent to AXELOS for comment.

3. ITIL or ITSM manifesto?[]

Answer: This is currently an idea being voted on in the Tricider space