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Phase 1 - Raw idea gathering, voting and discussion (completed for now)[]

We've completed the first phase of idea gathering, you can see the output on the Phase 1 Output page.

You can also join the discussions on twitter, facebook or Google Plus.

Phase 2 - Grouping ideas into themes[]

A group of people discussed the Phase 1 Output during the first google hangout and agreed on some objectives and a method for grouping ideas in phase 2. This can be found in Phase 2 Approach .

To join in with existing activities described in Phase 2 Approach check out the relevant section which should contain specific details about how to participate in each activity (if it's not there yet then it will be added as soon as it is known).

To get notified of Google hangouts or to get write access to any of the collaborative documents, sign up as a contributor here:

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Note: Initial idea grouping scheduled to be published Thursday 9th / Friday 10th October.