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Minutes of ITIL Manifesto Google Hangout 17 Sep 2014 Attendees: Javier Garcia Bolao (JGB) Richard Horton (RH) Sathiyan Srinivasan (SS) Rob Spencer (Chair) (RS)


1. Recap of what's been done so far Reviewed the collection of ideas (RS) Concern that not all information has been captured, has phase 1 been left open for long enough? (JGB) Richard had sent a list of some items he thought was missing (RJH) (see below) Should we revisit ‘what is a manifesto’? (RJH) Definition of Manifesto “public written declaration of the intentions, opinions, or motives of a sovereign or of a leader, party, or body” [Chambers] Suggestion of working on what we have and present back a first draft (JG-B)

2. What's the goal of phase 2 - what output do we need? Suggest two streams of activity: Start work with what we’ve got (identify categories, put things into boxes) Analyse the existing content and identify gaps to drive more discussion / collection Should we identify what the categories / boxes are? (RJH) Suggest that start with most votes and group them together (RS) Hybrid approach suggestion of a) identifying the categories / headings, then b) working through the existing list, linking items sensibly and then crafting principles and then sanity check back to the original list of categories to see what’s missing. And then release for general review. (RS suggested, J-GB agreed, RJH agreed, SS agreed) Linking to be done in google doc and collab, RS to take regular copies.

3. People. Open to all.

4. Process. Iterate as described by RS, check back against list of categories as per RH suggestion.

5. Tools. Google doc spreadsheet to work on, wiki to record formal output and link to resources.

6. AOBs including next discussion. Need to make clear how people can join in. (RH) No scheduled hangouts, but considered having a public ‘drop-in’ hangout running regularly in the evenings.