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The objectives for phase 2 are to:

  1. Understand the high level categorisations of what has been gathered to date by linking similar Ideas together
  2. Identify the gaps and drive further discussion in these areas

These objectives, and the method proposed below were identified and agreed in on during the first ITIL Manifesto Google Hangout.

Parent-Child grouping method[]

The following method has been agreed on to group ideas together to help determine which areas we have sufficient/insufficient material to proceed with.

  1. Iteratively link Ideas to determine the 'Idea Groups' (aka categories) (also labelling each idea as a parent/child)
  2. Analyse what Idea Groups we have and work out which ones we're missing or which are underdeveloped.
  3. Present a list of these Idea Groups showing the Primary Idea (eg I-01) and the related Ideas (eg I-03,07,22)
  4. Continue raw idea gathering/discussion on less developed ideas until we have as full a list as possible.

The idea groupings will take place on a collaborative spreadsheet which was a modified version of the index page from Phase 1 Output raw data.

Phase 2 Idea Grouping Spreadsheet (public read access only)

To get write access (as well as be invited to hangouts & teleconferences), please submit your name and contact details via this google form and specify that you'd like write access to the Idea Grouping Spreadsheet.

Word Cloud Method[]

placeholder - to be expanded