ITIL Manifesto Wiki

This page is a single point to find the resources and outputs produce in Phase 2 of the ITIL Manifesto Initiative.

Note that Phase 2 is likely to identify some gaps in the intial idea gathering in phase 1 and so could repeat several times until the community decides enough raw information has been gathered.

Formal Output[]

Object Description

Phase 2 Summary


  • An introduction/recap of the initiative to date
  • Summary analysis of the Phase 2 Grouping
  • Some questions to consider

Phase 2 Output Grouped Data

(Google Doc)

  • The summary and grouped ideas.
  • Use the Idea index number (eg. I-01) to refer back to the original raw data which can be found in Phase 1 Output

Discussion of the Output[]

The main place for discussing phase 2 output is on the Google+ Back2ITSM community in this thread .

Phase 2 working artifects (for reference / transparency)[]

These resources were used to collate and group informatoin in phase 2.

Original Grouping Spreadsheet (now read only)

You may also want to refer to Phase 1 Output