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This is a rough and ready way of getting a picture of what something is about - but it might be useful in discussing the ITIL manifesto. I think it's interesting generally, and, if anybody is working on the detail, it does help remind you of what's in each book in a quite approachable way.

Each book has chapter 2 (an introduction to service management) in common. So I excluded this from the books, but made a separate word cloud of the chapter on its own - it's probably the condensed version of the essential ITIL words, with the books giving the essential words of the different stages of the lifecycle. At least insofar as boiling something down gives you it's 'essence'..

ITIL books - word clouds[]

ITIL Word Cloud[]

Chapter 2 of all books[]

Chapter 2 - Introduction to Service Management

Service Strategy[]

Service Strategy

Service Design[]

Service Design

Service Transition[]

Service Transition

Service Operation[]

Service Operation

Continual Service Improvement[]

Continual Service Improvement